Stars and Acorns (S+A) is a place where you can discover visual beauty, whimsy and inspiring words to adorn your personal sanctuary. A place where your eyes can happily wander and hopefully, your heart may be touched. We can all use more inspiration in our world, our home, our workspace or where ever you spend your precious time.

I love the dance between my hands on paper and my hands on technology. My art prints and greeting cards are created through drawings, illustrations and paintings that are a combination of mixed media on paper and iPad sketches. Photoshop is occasionally used for a final touch.

Why the name Stars and Acorns?

We are made of stardust and for a moment, spend our time on this beautiful planet earth. Where dreams the size of an acorn, can grow to be as exquisite as an oak tree. With its roots exploring beneath the surface and branches reaching for the stars. Parts seen, and unseen. Both are essential for the whole. Like the roots of the tree, our imagination is only seen when we share it, allowing it to blossom above the surface. This is the place where I share mine.

Next to love, I believe imagination to be our greatest power. Without it, we couldn’t create a better world. The Central Coast of California is where I live, create and explore. My name is Sandra Saenz {sounds like Heinz with an “S” instead of the “H”, in case you were wondering}

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